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Employee Use Policy 

It is the policy of Northrop Grumman to provide computer systems and electronic media to employees to assist them in the conduct of company business or work-related activity that promotes the company's interests. Computer systems refers to the company's entire computer network which includes, but is not limited to, host computers, servers, workstations, stand-alone computers, laptops, software, data files, and all internal and external communication networks. Electronic media refers to all of the company's electronic means for conveying or storing information, including files, applications, computer communication equipment, electronic mail, Intranet, Internet, home pages, web sites, shared files, voice mail, faxes, etc. Use of these resources must be approved by management and must not:

  • interfere with users' work performance,
  • have adverse impact on the operation of the computer system, or
  • violate any other provisions of this or other company policies/procedures.

The company reserves the right to revoke access to these resources and discipline employees for improper use.

Call the Northrop Grumman Benefits Center (NGBC) at:
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